Mist cannon machine-create a new blue sky and white clouds

DATE:2021-03-03 13:21:46



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In recent years, smog pollution has seriously threatened our daily life and health, and we have to strengthen governance. In order to control smog pollution, the country has increased environmental protection inspections. As high-range spray fans are widely used In this field, it has changed the situation of smog attacks in many areas of our country and effectively improved the smog weather phenomenon.

The high-range spray fan atomizes the water stream. Sprayed into the air, the atomized water particles adsorb the dust particles suspended in the air. The factors that cause dust particles to be subjected to gravity quickly drop to the ground. So as to achieve the purpose of removing smoke, and at the same time increase the moisture in the air, so as to purify the air and improve the air quality.

The installation methods of high-range spray fans are flexible and diverse. They are mainly divided into two types: fixed and mobile. As the name suggests, the fixed type is fixed in a certain place for use. It can be fixed on the plane of concrete or steel structure. The mobile type refers to the installation. Casters and other mechanical equipment may be directly installed on moving vehicles for regional turnover. The high-range spray fan is easy to operate, easy to manage, and can spray from multiple angles.

With the widespread use of high-range spray fans, more and more problems have been discovered, and everyone’s requirements for spray fans are getting higher and higher. The related range, noise, atomization effect, rotation angle, application site, etc. Aspects of problems have followed. In these issues, Zhengzhou Zheng Ventilator Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been ingenuity to the original intention, with the original intention to the future, with all-out efforts and dedicated professionalism, has made great breakthroughs, and has made great breakthroughs to better serve customers and society. , The new technology has been applied to the product, and some of the above problems have been solved greatly!