What to do if the fog cannon is noisy during operation

DATE:2021-08-18 15:40:43



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The negligible operational noise of 

fog cannons must adhere to an 85-

decibel control standard. The primary 

sources of noise in fog cannons include 

the fan, high-pressure pump, and the 

jet fan in the air delivery system. 

These noises mainly stem from 

rotating and eddy current components, 

which collectively form aerodynamic 

noise. Rotating noise varies with 

impeller load, dominating at higher 

flow rates, while eddy current noise, 

characterized by a broadband 

spectrum, prevails at lower flow 


To mitigate these issues,fog cannons are designed with 

high-flow,high-thrust fans,thereby emphasizing rotating 

noise. Effective noise reduction methods involve 

employing jet fans equipped with silencers within the fan 

casing and utilizing high-strength nylon blades to minimize 

operational noise.


fog cannon dust suppression system

It's crucial to adhere strictly to technical specifications 

during fan production, as altering air outlet sizes arbitrarily 

can increase noise levels beyond acceptable national 


Fog cannons are designed to meet national noise 

standards through precise engineering of their 

components.The selection of materials and the 

configuration of fan blades play pivotal roles in noise 

reduction strategies. High-strength nylon blades are 

chosen for their ability to dampen sound while ensuring 

efficient operation. Additionally, careful attention to the 

design of the fan casing, including the integration of jet 

fans with silencers, significantly contributes to minimizing 

operational noise.

dust suppression water cannon

Moreover, maintaining consistent airflow dynamics is 

crucial for optimizing noise levels across varying 

operational conditions. Manufacturers adhere strictly 

to technical specifications during production to ensure 

performance reliability and noise control efficacy. By 

focusing on these design principles and engineering 

practices, fog cannons achieve both effective dust 

suppression capabilities and minimal environmental