What are the characteristics of a high-quality fog cannon machine?

DATE:2021-03-18 14:09:26



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For manufacturers, fog cannon dust suppression equipment is a very important environmental protection equipment, because if we do not have such items, our construction site will pollute our air and affect our health. I think we can buy a good dust-reducing mist cannon machine when we choose. Today, the editor of Zheng Tong will mainly introduce to you what features a high-quality environmentally-friendly dust-reducing fog gun machine should have. I hope everyone is choosing this kind of dust-reducing fog machine. Some references when shooting guns:

1. High-quality fog cannon equipment should have the characteristics of low energy consumption and long range:

In the process of handling dust, if the energy consumption of the fog cannon equipment is too large, it will cause our relatively large water consumption and waste water resources. Zhengtong fog cannon fans save water significantly, which is 70% less than other dust suppression spraying equipment. -80% of the water consumption, the coverage area is much larger than other spraying equipment; the other is the range, the Zhengtong fog cannon fan has a long effective range, wide coverage, high work efficiency, and can achieve directional and quantitative spray;

2. High-quality fog cannon equipment must have a better processing effect:

The ultimate purpose of installing the fog cannon is to allow it to quickly deal with the dust generated by the enterprise during the construction process. If this effect cannot be achieved, it proves that the fog cannon equipment has not achieved our expected effect and has not reached our goal, so it is useless for us. The Zhengtong fog cannon has good dust reduction effect, and the fog particles are small and uniform, which can quickly achieve dust reduction and dust suppression; it can also be used for local fire fighting and extinguishing, effectively protecting people's lives and property.

After the introduction by the editor of Zheng Tong, I believe that everyone has their own views on a good fog cannon equipment, so I hope everyone can keep their eyes open when buying fog cannon equipment and choose a good quality equipment.