How Much Does Protect A Fog Cannon Cost?

DATE:2024-06-05 17:25:08



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ZhenTon Has A Comprehensive Range Of Products To Suit Your Needs. 

Priced From $1,600 Fully Installed.

The Cost Of Installing A Fog Cannon For Security Purposes Can Vary Widely Based On The Brand, Model, And 

Specific Features. Generally, Prices Can Range From $1,200 To $8,000 For A Basic Unit. High-End Models With 

Advanced Features May Cost More. Installation And Maintenance Costs Might Be Additional.

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ZhenTon Specializes In Industrial And Environmental Protection Equipment, Including Truck Mounted Mist 

Cannons For Dust Suppression And Automatic Fog Cannon Machine. Typically Between $1,100 And $12,000, 

Depending On Features And Coverage Area.

Smaller Models: $1,100 - $4,000. Larger, More Advanced Models: $2,500 - $12,000 Or More.


Range: Typically From 30 To 100 Meters, Some Can Reach Up To 150 Meters.

Water Capacity: Tanks Can Vary From Several Hundred To A Few Thousand Liters.

Power: Can Be Diesel Or Electric.

Control: Manual Or Remote Control Options Are Available.

Dust Control Spray Equipment


Dust Suppression In Mining, Construction, And Demolition Sites.

Odor Control In Waste Management Areas.

For Specific Pricing And Features, It’s Best To Contact Manufacturers Or Suppliers Directly.

Dust Control Mining Industry